Advice about the use of the Hall

Here is layout approved by  Cornwall Council Fire Officer for auditorium type use.

Layout for maximum number of chairs in ‘Auditorium’ format.

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The ‘Hirer’ named on the invoice will be personally responsible for the consequences of an alternative layout.

If you are visitor to our building


A Cleaner attends for the floors, wcs and kitchen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When you visit us we do ask you to remember that we do not employ a Caretaker. Please leave the rooms and site tidy and clean for the next user – ‘It could be You’. Basic cleaning materials and equipment are stored in the kitchen.

Items left on the premises

We have no facility to look after personal items left at the Hall.  Any items found will be retained for a few weeks and will then be disposed of.

Room furniture

Please replace the tables and chairs in the West and South Rooms as shown on the guide photos. Note the table legs have a colour code for the particular room.

Main Hall chairs

Please leave a row of chairs against the far wall. The remaining folding chairs in the Chair Store must be stacked on the trolley as indicated on the SAFETY notice adjacent to the store.

Unauthorised storage

Do not use the Table Store or Chair Store for casual (and unauthorised) storage of equipment.

Drain care

To avoid blockages, please do not place ‘wet-wipe’ or similar items down the wcs. ‘Bin-it, don’t block-it’.

Broadband signal

You will need to enter the ‘key’ shown on wall near Foyer phone and elsewhere.


The parking areas are for users of the Hall, Playing Field and Football Clubhouse only. The Trustees accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused to vehicles or items parked on the premises. Vehicles may not be parked on the premises overnight.

Click to see page about parking: Parking

Use of the Kitchen

Unless specifically agreed otherwise at the time of Hire the Kitchen is equally available to Users of the Main Hall and West Room.


The worktop fridge is there for everyone but obviously we would be grateful if you leave it in a clean condition after use and –


Entry to the building

by ‘Casual’ Hirers

Before your event date we will give you a 4 digit code to enter on the keypad by the main entrance. If you find it difficult to gain access or have trouble with any of the facilities inside the Hall, a list of contacts with their numbers is displayed at the main door.

 by ‘Regular’ Hirers

We will give you a 4 digit code to enter on the keypad by the main entrance. If you would like a key fob which avoids the necessity of entering the code by keypad please let us know. The key fobs are numbered and logged to the Hirer and a charge will be made for replacements.

Designated Emergency Exits and Main services control points

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The Kitchen is not a designated Means-of-Escape.

Do not obstruct the Rear Lobby or the Main Foyer.






Before you leave…

When you visit us we do ask you to remember that

Please leave the rooms and site tidy and clean for the next user – ‘It could be You

we do not employ a Caretaker.


We would like to acknowledge the following organisations which have contributed equipment to the building.
Carrick U3A: foyer pinboard displays and Main Hall AV screen,
Cooperative Community Fund: digital projector and AV screens.


Photos and graphics
C Bridges, T Freake, R Trevithick, Z Crouse, Idodance, Rajah Jafrei-Rial, Anon.