The trustees have decided that it has become necessary to improve car parking arrangements at the Perranwell Centre, especially at times of peak use, and have approved the following requirements for inclusion in the Conditions of Hire.

Anyone who organizes an event at the Perranwell Centre must ensure that everyone attending their eventparks their vehicles responsibly, be they participants, supporters or members of the public.

Details of the number of spaces currently available can be found on our website. Please note that this number may vary occasionally.

Responsible parking means:

  • parking in designated spaces in the car park
  • parking outside designated spaces where the organizer of an event indicates that it is safe and appropriate to do so (see below)
  • parking in any designated overflow car park
  • parking on the street without causing an obstruction.

The organizer of an event must ensure that their attendees do not:

  • park on the grass of the playing field, which is prohibited by the parish council
  • park in Chyvogue Lane, which is a narrow lane unsuitable for parking
  • block access for emergency vehicles.

Each organizer must check whether other events will be taking place at the same time as their own. When several events are taking place simultaneously, each organizer must take special care to ensure that their attendees park responsibly and, if necessary, liaise with other event organizers to achieve this.

Occasions will arise when the number of attendees’ vehicles will exceed the number of designated spaces in the car park. When that occurs, special measures will be needed.

Where it is safe and appropriate to do so, without blocking access for emergency vehicles or blocking in anybody who might wish to leave before the end of an event, an organizer may allow extra vehicles to park outside designated spaces. This might apply, for example, where a group of attendees are all performing together or playing for the same team and those attendees are likely to be leaving at roughly the same time.

If the organizer of an event anticipates that the number of vehicles arriving will be greater than the available number of designated spaces in the car park, then they must either appoint marshals to manage traffic or use alternative measures to organize responsible parking.

When two or more large events are booked to take place simultaneously and the organizers assess that it is likely that the number of vehicles arriving will exceed the capacity of the car park (for example, a football match coinciding with a performance or exhibition), the organizers of those events must liaise with each other to ensure that all vehicles are parked responsibly. This may include an agreement that one organizer would accept overall responsibility for all the parking at that time.

February 2021