To enquire or make a booking

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but please read these notes as well…

We are using the ‘Hallmaster’ booking system. This system allows enquirers to see the booking diary to see what sessions are available and then make a booking request. This should then be confirmed by the Booking Manager. Confirmation and invoicing will be made electronically.

I think that a few of us who have used the new system are beginning to get used to the way it works. Some Hirers possibly use the system for other venues so it won’t be a problem.

I will keep adding points which may help as new enquirers trying to book:


If you need to make multiple i.e. recurring bookings and you know what they are:

I cannot advise too strongly – make the first in the series and then use the system to add those you require.

or, to put it another way

I am telling you (sorry !) – make the first in the series and then add those you require.

Avoid making separate bookings for each session

You will give yourself more work and you will receive a separate confirmation message for each one – and so will I because the system sends a copy to me! E.G. if you have a weekly session you will receive 52 confirmations for a year. You can add and remove once you have entered your series of bookings if necessary. Also I have to confirm each booking separately.

Of course you are still free to make other bookings.

2 Explanation of the ‘Names’

  • Booking Name: this best seen as ‘The Event Name’
  • Customer Name: the name of the Person and contact responsible for the booking
  • Group Name: the Group doing or holding or organising something

3 Remember to click SAVE

Some of the forms require you to click SAVE at the bottom.


Please remember to add not less than 3 hours to your event start time to ensure the correct minimum charge for 3 hours.

5 ‘This and next calendar year only’

Bookings made by Customers beyond 31st December of the next calendar year will be deleted.

6 Cancelling

The system does not yet include provision for customers to cancel a booking. The Booking Manager has to do this manually, then let customer know by email message that it has been done.

For Regular Hirers

We assume that a pattern of bookings will build up again as in the past but initially this process will need to be managed as we all learn to operate the system.

Click on the

Link to diary

to enter your preferred sessions. These will then be confirmed .

For Casual Hirers

Please take the opportunity and click on the link to enter your preferred session. This should then be confirmed shortly after.

Click for booking diary system.

Hallmaster site for further help

As previously our policy is to prioritise the hiring requirements of Regular Hirers and then fit Casual Hirers sessions around this pattern. However when we receive a casual request we sometimes ask a Regular Hirer to forego a session. We keep these occurrences to a minimum and discuss options and try to give as much notice as possible to Regulars.

In case of difficulty for Bookings and Invoices preferably email or phone 07510 644160.

Please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Regular Hires into the future

Normally we are pleased to take bookings for regular hirings for the current and forthcoming calendar years only.

Covid 19 – Advice following Lifting Restrictions on 19 July 2021

Following guidelines, we advise you to be cautious about moving away from some previous Covid restrictions.

We ask hirers to use informed decisions to manage your own risks.

It is important to look after yourselves and others, particularly the more vulnerable. Each group will be responsible for its members.

We suggest:

  • Ventilation is key to your safety. If possible, create a through draft.
  • Clean down all surfaces you will touch before you use them.
  • Wearing face masks is encouraged when close to others or in large numbers.
  • Please use your phone to scan the NHS QR Code on entering.

Hand sanitiser and cleaning materials will remain available, please make good use of them.

Finally, please respect and be considerate of others.

Hire and Control of an Event

There must be a person from your organisation or group who is in control of and present at the event.

In addition to the standard hire conditions please note the particular conditions relating to Covid-19. See the documents on News and Covid 19

As set out in the Conditions of Hiring  TPC Conditions of HIre 2018-06[4] unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Invoicee is the person responsible for control of the event taking place.

Beyond the Hall

Playing Field hire

The Playing Field is managed by the Perran ar worthal Parish Council. Please contact The Parish Clerk – Mrs Anna Pentecost 01872 865172 or e-mail