To enquire or make a booking

For Bookings and Invoices contact Karen The Booking Manager on 07510 644160 or preferably email

Please leave a message if Karen is unavailable and she will call you back as soon as possible.

Hire and Control of an Event

There must be a person from your organisation or group who is in control of and present at the event.

In addition to the standard hire conditions please note the particular conditions following the onset of Covid-19. See the documents on News and Covid 19

As set out in the Conditions of Hiring  TPC Conditions of HIre 2018-06[4] unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Invoicee is the person responsible for control of the event taking place.

Regular Hirers

We are pleased to take bookings for regular hirings for the current and forthcoming calendar years only.

Playing Field hire

The Playing Field is managed by the Perran ar worthal Parish Council. Please contact The Parish Clerk – Mrs Anna Pentecost 01872 865172 or e-mail