Covid 19 and On re-opening the village hall


2nd January 2021

This is the email message sent to regular hirers

From: Colin Bridges

Subject: Update on the Perranwell Centre

Date: 1 January 2021 at 15:08:35 GMT


I trust you’ve had a reasonable Christmas during what must have seemed like house arrest, and let me wish you a far better New Year than the previous one. I do hope that this dreadful disease has not directly touched your lives.

The trustees of the Perranwell Centre thought it might helpful to provide an update of their view of the coming year in relation to the re-opening of the village hall.

Given the current situation with regard to coronavirus, the village hall trustees have decided to continue the existing arrangement for the duration of the spring term whereby the school has sole use of the village hall during each weekday. That is likely to continue for the summer term, too, as we feel it is very important to help the children with their education throughout an extraordinarily difficult academic year. Even as I’m writing this email, there is uncertainty about schools re-opening in January. It must be an extraordinarily difficult time for teaching staff and I’m sure that you will agree with the decision of our trustees to support the school as much as we can.

Regrettably, at the moment, we have no plans to re-open the hall to any other users. I understand how disappointing this will be, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided. As you will know, infection rates have been rising rapidly, even in Cornwall, and the level of tiered restrictions has been increased. All of the indicators are going in the wrong direction, none of the mitigatory measures, such as test and trace and mass testing, seem be operating satisfactorily, and we are still in the very early stages of the vaccine roll-out, which will take many months to complete. Given all the circumstances, the trustees are reluctant at present to make any commitment to re-open the hall, even during evenings or weekends.

The trustees are as keen as everybody else to see life return to normal. We will keep the situation under review and let our hirers know as soon as possible if the situation changes but, quite honestly, we think it will probably be the middle of the year year before we can properly assess whether it is safe to re-open.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already seen them, do please have a look on our website at the plans to redevelop the village hall and let me know if you have any comments.


Colin Bridges

Chair of trustees
The Perranwell Centre


Documents informing Users and Hirers about re-opening the building.

2. Re-opening checklist

3a Covid-19 risk assessment Aug 2020

3b Covid-19 risk assessment for hirers Aug 2020

4. Special conditions

5. Covid 19 Secure Guidelines Final

6. Covid Information v02 CB


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We have removed the  main door access codes for regular hirers and will re-issue them as necessary.

If you have a fob please feel free to drop it in the Hall post box for reuse. You do not make a special visit however.