Text of the article published in Perran News

The Future of the Village Hall – Issue 2

Readers of Perran News will recall that I promised to keep you informed about the progress of our improvement plans for the Village Hall in the February edition of PN.

A survey of all user groups is being conducted at the present time. We want to find out details relating to the catchment area that is served by the Hall, in order to help with applications to community organisations for grant funding, and we wish to learn about the pros and cons of the building, as perceived by the hirers, so that we can decide on what improvements are financially and structurally possible. This information will be published in Perran News and all residents will have an opportunity to contribute their thoughts at a public meeting, before any firm decisions are made about the Village Hall. Our plan is to have a clear idea of what we should do by the end of this year.

We are still looking for new trustees and have had very little response to our request for additional members. The Village Hall has a very important role to play in the life of the village and it cannot function without a willing group of volunteers to manage it. Please consider whether you might become a trustee. If you feel able to join the committee, you will find the names and telephone numbers of its members displayed outside the building. Please contact one of us to learn more about what we do and about our responsibilities and plans for the future.

Ian Halford on behalf of the Trustees. 19th March 2019