A brief history:

June 2nd 1953 (Coronation Day), original “Nissen hut” hall opened, on land donated by Horace Visick.

December 31st 1964, the name of “Perran ar Worthal Village Memorial Hall” is established in deeds handing ownership to the trustees.

1964 VH Trust Deed with schedule[2]

1966, first “Hey Day” established as an annual event for fund raising.

1968 – 1970 (approx), “Olde Tyme” music hall events staged for fund raising.

1971 – old Nissen Hut demolished and replaced by present day hall.









Article written on Perran-ar-Worthal Village Memorial Hall by Miss P. F. Ward: The Village 26 No. 4 winter 1971, approx. 1700 words

2006 – Village Hall website first launch.

2019 – The Perranwell Centre website launched.